Steps, uncovered  


Steps, uncovered is a photographic exploration of the human aspects of moving out of one’s comfort zone. I will show select images from my projects: Presence, One Piece Only, White Pants Only and Against the Wall.

Based upon a process I call PPPTL (which my description of how they move from Passion to Letting Go), I have asked professional dancers to explore their vulnerability, trust, and passion for dance in a way that is unfamiliar to them.

I have asked the dancers to remove their clothing so that they dance for and as themselves in the most vulnerable and personal way possible. Most have never posed nude before. They face their thoughts, emotions and desire to dance as they have trained along with their awareness of their own nudity and vulnerability –  and all that goes with it. They cannot hide behind an image created by the style of their clothing, a role by their costume - only through their choreography.

Presence 2.jpg


In Presence, I ask them to warm up and dance completely nude - exploring how they connect with themselves in that moment, dealing with their emotions dancing both for themselves and for me without the security or facade of clothing. Their challenge: to be just themselves, fully present, and not use their dance as their clothing.

One Piece Only

In One Piece Only, I ask them to dance with a single piece of clothing or material – exploring its potential for security or limitation of their movement. They must choose between the comfort and limitation of being covered and the freedom and risk of being exposed.

In White Pants Only,  I ask dancers to use a common pair of pants to explore how each of them creates their individuality with something common.

White Pants Only

And with Against The Wall, I ask dancers to explore “dancing” against a wall, as opposed to on the floor or simply jumping. In this way, they are concurrently ungrounded and grounded, trying practiced moves in an unfamiliar circumstance.

Against The Wall


Although I’m working with professional dancers for this exhibition, the processes and emotions they explore are common to us all. 

I hope you can share in their experience and appreciate their strength, courage, trust and human-ness through this work.

09.06. — Vernissage/Opening (by invite only)

10.06. — Open to public from 11:00 until 17:00, Discussion by the artist 12:00

11.06. — Open to public from 12:00 until 17:00

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